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February 25, 2020

Interview with CKIA on their show Ici et ailleurs: From left to right: Yves Simard, host, Élise Bégin, project manager and Dominique Sarny, Network director, Suzanne Genest, host.

The Network got a boost on January 9 on Ici et ailleurs, a radio program on CKIA FM. FFCN director Dominique Sarny and FFCN project manager Élise Bégin were on the program to talk about the Network. The interview was also broadcast live on the web on Facebook.

Listeners were invited to head out and explore the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network, an economic lever for promoting the wealth and vitality of Francophone and Francophile cultures and the appeal of areas with a Francophone heritage. They also got to hear about existing FFCN tourist routes and those currently in development.

Many thanks to our partners who are busy building beautiful tourist routes:

  • For New England’s Franco-Route: Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket and Museum L-A: The Story of Work and Community in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine
  • For the Louis Riel route in Manitoba: Tourisme Riel and Entreprises Riel
  • For the Alberta tourist routes: The Economic Development Council of Alberta (CDÉA) and the Alberta Bilingual Municipalities Association (ABMA)

Watch the interview (in French)!

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