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A solid team in place!

January 31st, 2019

Centre de la francophonie des Amériques is proud to present the team that has been operating the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network since last summer. Introducing director Dominique Sarny, project manager Élise Bégin, and tourism advisor Gabrielle Lepage.

Dominique Sarny is an anthropologist and ethnologist by trade and has been active in the Canadian Francophonie for about 20 years. He has held several executive positions in university education and community engagement in Saskatchewan. He also initiated several major projects in Western Canada to support a collaborative and participatory approach within communities. Since the summer of 2018, Dominique has been director of the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network.

Élise Bégin is passionate about people and their heritage, experiences, expertise, and artistic expressions. She holds a master’s degree in North American francophone ethnology from Université Laval. As an educator, field worker, and specialist in cultural heritage inventory methods, Élise has been involved in various cultural heritage projects in Canada, France, and Haiti, including Canada’s Francophone Heritage, Culture and Tourism Corridor, for which she helped produce videos on 150 topics in over 75 French-speaking Canadian communities. She joined the Network in 2018 as a project manager.

The Network’s tourism advisor Gabrielle Lepage holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a major in tourism organization and destination management from UQAM and Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. She has always loved travelling and has visited over 24 countries and almost every continent. Her experience working in China as an entertainment team leader enabled her to acquire valuable intercultural adaptation and communication skills. An elite athlete and former member of the Canadian Artistic Swimming Team, Gabrielle has a strong sense of team spirit and the uncanny ability to unite the Network team around a common goal.

The Network’s team receives daily support from the Centre’s new president and CEO, Johanne Whittom, and the rest of the Centre’s team to handle programming, communications, and operations. In February, the Network will also be joined by an intern who will support the team during the coming year.

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