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Principles and Practices of Tourism as a Vector for Sustainable Community Development

Sonia Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Conseil québécois du
and Vice President, International Social Tourism
Organisation (ISTO), Montréal, Québec

Under what conditions does tourism truly become a vehicle for development? The Montréal Declaration (BITS 1996) "Towards a human and social vision of tourism", on social, fair and sustainable tourism is in tune with several principles in the frame of reference of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. What are the takeaway principles of social, fair and sustainable tourism in the context of development of the Francophone and Francophile communities of the Americas? In practice, how do they translate into various concrete components within the framework of sustainable tourism development?  What is the impact of social and responsible tourism on French culture and language?  

This workshop encourages participants to better understand the principles and values ​​of tourism that aims to facilitate accessibility and promote development approaches for the benefit of communities and regions. It will also deal with the operationalization of principles, by presenting projects and inspiring practices.

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