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Genealogy: A Vector for Tourism Development

Jean-Robert Faucher and Guy Parent Administrators
Espace Solidaire/Carrefour de généalogie de
l’Amérique francophone de Québec

The genealogy and religious tourism industry is booming.  Studies confirm that religious heritage generates millions of dollars in spin-offs annually in the Québec City region alone.  As for genealogy tourism, several countries have realigned their tourism strategy in order to attract more of these visitors who are searching for their history and their roots. 

Genealogy tourism is an odyssey into the past. It involves finding the places where a person's forebears lived, and it arouses keen interest among more and more travelers. Many of these travelers retrace the footsteps of their ancestors throughout the world. For them, gazing upon their forbearers home, breathing in the air of the neighbourhoods where their ancestors lived, and walking in their footsteps, are all part of the genealogy tourism experience.

Espace Solidaire is an organization of volunteers who are passionate about heritage, history and genealogy. In response to this trend and to provide Québec with a dedicated facility for welcoming these tourists, we plan to open the Carrefour de Genealogie de l'Amérique francophone (CGAF). The proposed site of this facility is the magnificent Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, which is classified as a Heritage Building.

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