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Revitalize Your Tourism Project: Get Youth Involved

Regional communities are rich in history, local products and cultural and sporting activities. Community strong points are their history, their regional products, and cultural and sporting activities. All these combine to form their own particular community identity, their uniqueness. And these characteristics are what attract tourists and young people who are in search of a new way of life.

As an organization with 27 years of intervention action throughout the province of Québec, Place aux jeunes en région relies on that community distinctness to persuade young graduates to discover the regions through exploratory trips. These trips allow young people to further investigate their interest in moving to a particular region. They find out about the available activities, meet the local people and explore opportunities to settle there (employment, entrepreneurship or training). Once established in a community, some of these young people are, in their turn, instrumental in raising the community profile by bringing to it their know-how and their enthusiasm. This is an inspiring project that can be adapted to your community.

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