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Combining Culture and Agriculture: A French-Speaking Community that Stands out Because of its Distinctive Local Product and Gourmet Specialities

Josée Bourgouin, Business Consultant, Prince Albert,

There is a fine line between agriculture and French culture. How do we demonstrate the value of the language and Francophone culture through local products? This workshop relates Saskatchewan's experience.

Thanks to the popularity of television shows featuring chefs, restaurant reviews and local products, consumers are increasingly informed and curious about the origin and quality of their food. They are seeking to discover new flavours and take part in authentic culinary experiences. This heightened curiosity has become the driving force of a new economy focussing on local agriculture and farm products. Agritourism becomes a unique opportunity for communities to create French cultural tourism experiences and by extension, to breathe new life into their regions.

This workshop will help to equip you in your development approaches and strategies, by highlighting the value to French heritage by promoting local products, tourist circuits, and regional partnerships where the desired result is community prosperity.

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