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How Can We Convey the Intangible Elements of a Tourism Offer?

Marie-Andrée Delisle, Director, Marie-Andrée Delisle
, tourism management and planning
Montréal, Québec

Cultural tourism is experiencing impressive growth in interest from today's travelers. Known for its tangible components, such as museums, art galleries, monuments, historic and other sites, cultural tourism has gradually evolved toward the intangible elements of culture.

But what exactly is an intangible element?  This workshop will allow you to become familiar with this concept, both from the perspective of a tourist destination and its offering, and from the point of view of the visitor in search of authentic experiences where interaction with the local population becomes their main reason for travel.

Showcasing French heritage, history and culture are wonderful ways to emphasize these elements in a dynamic way. At the same time, it allows the communities that are visited to experience a sense of pride and belonging.

This workshop will present a few strategies for development and partnerships to illustrate how certain innovative and inspiring practices can showcase French culture and heritage throughout the Americas. The accompanying concrete examples are intended to position participants in their approach to tourism.

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